Meet Our Staff

John Carey 

Executive Director

Barry Ludin

ICT Manager

Debbie Laudiwana

Research and Publication Manager


Peter Davani

Finance Manager

Stacey Levakia-Wali

Program Officer – Judicial Sector, Pacific Island Region

Arabella Owen

Program Officer – Court Officers, Pacific Island Region

Susie 2

Susie Vaieke

Program Officer – Lay Judicial Officers, Pacific Island Region

Emmah John

Program Officer – Magisterial Services


Vali Kila

Program Officer – Law and Justice Sector Agencies

John Lelegi

Assistant Research/Publication Officer

Stella Tadies

Finance Officer

Harry Vai

IT Technical Officer

Belliam Iomu

Research and Publications Officer

Olivia Paru

Executive Officer

Jennifer Thomas

Secretary /Admin Assistant

Lyanne Veama

Secretary /Admin Assistant

Jessica Pako

Secretary /Admin Assistant


Grace Fiona Aipit

Secretary /Admin Assistant