Sir Buri Kidu Lecture Series

2022 Lecture Series

Topic: “The Rule of Law, Economic, Development, and Peace and Welfare and Good Government”
Presenter: Honourable Justice John Alexander Logan, RFD
Federal Court of Australia
16 March 2022

2019 Lecture Series

Topic: “Conducting Criminal Trials – the Queensland Court’s Experience”
Presenter: Honourable Chief Justice Catherine Holmes
Chief Justice of Queensland, Australia
25 June 2019

2018 Lecture Series

Topic: “Custom, Human Rights and Commonwealth Constitution”
Presenter: Honourable Justice Susan Glazebrook, DNZM
Supreme Court of New Zealand
29 November 2018

2015 Lecture Series

Topic: “The Influence of Magna Carta on Papua New Guinea Law”
Presenter: Honourable Justice Berna Collier
Federal Court of Australia
25 June 2015