10th APMF Conference in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Climate Change Emergency, Appropriate Processes for Prompt, Efficient and Effective Resolution of Conflicts: Is mediation such a process?

About the Conference

The Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum (APMF) is a not-for-profit regional association of individuals, organizations and institutions interested in promoting peace through mediation and other conflict transformation processes wherever conflicts threaten the well-being of individuals, organizations, communities and local, state or national governments in the region. The main objective of the APMF is to facilitate the exchange and development of knowledge, values and skills of mediation and other conflict transformation processes, in any form, including inter-cultural, interpersonal, inter-institutional and international, within and between the diverse countries and cultures in the Asia-Pacific region. To fulfil this objective, conferences/summits are held in the region every two years, with a different country taking responsibility for hosting each conference.

Papua New Guinea Judiciary will be hosting this International Conference in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Presentations & Papers on Global trends on Mediation will be presented and discussed. The conference will feature speakers, including leading Judges & Scholars drawn from across the Asia Pacific and will bring together over 300 delegates to discuss the trends in mediation, dispute resolutions and how to increase business confidence.





More information on the APMF Conference will be released soon on Papua New Guinea Centre for Judicial Excellence and PNG National Judiciary Website