GESI Awareness in ITI



GESI Awareness in ITI

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) is a subject that is strongly advocated by the Papua New Guinea Centre for Judicial Excellence and several trainings have been conducted to advocate on the importance of creating equal opportunities and push everyone up to an equal playing field.

The PNGCJE, as part of its community awareness, has carried out a GESI awareness program on Friday, June 25, at the International Training Institute (ITI)in Port Moresby. PNGCJE Research and Publications Manager Ms. Debbie Laudiwana led a team to ITI where presentations were made and discussions held on the topic.

Ms. Laudiwana went through explaining what GESI was all about, and why it was important for them to understand it as they will be joining the workforce soon and might experience some of the issues

related to GESI. Ms Laudiwana explained the two principles of GESI, “Gender Equity” and “Social Inclusion”.

“Gender equity refers to the process of being fair to disadvantaged men or women so that they are able to participate fully and equally in employment and other opportunities,” said Ms. Laudiwana. She said social inclusion means ensuring that socially excluded people have equal conditions for realizing their full human rights and potential to contribute in all levels of development. Derived from these principles are values which include honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, wisdom and responsibility.

Gender related problems are faced everywhere in the workplace and it is important that students in tertiary institutions are made aware of the importance of equity and social inclusion.

The PNGCJE is looking forward to carrying out more awareness programs such as the GESI awareness.

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