Justice Lawrence Kangwia gives Leadership Tribunal webinar.

Judges from the Supreme and National Courts at Waigani recently attended a one-hour webinar on the topic, “Conducting Leadership Tribunal Hearing” which was presented by Justice Lawrence Kangwia, ML.

The webinar was moderated by PNGCJE Program officer for Judges and Magistrates, Mr Tongia Kekebogi.

Mr Kekebogi said the webinar was facilitated to equip Judges on how to conduct leadership tribunal hearings.

“Justice Lawrence Kangwia is a resident Judge of the National Court in Lae. His Honour has extensive experience in the Judiciary with a total of 34 years. With 23 of those years spent as a magistrate prior to his appointment as an Acting Judge in 2010.

To date, he has served as a Judge for 11 years. He recently chaired the Kramer Tribunal Hearing. He was a member of three different leadership tribunal proceedings during his tenure as a magistrate,” Mr Kekebogi said.

His Honour was happy to share his experience and his knowledge on the topic with other Judges.

“My contributions will reflect on my experiences and what I believe is the law relating to the leadership tribunal,” Judge Kangwia mentioned.

His Honour said Leadership Tribunals are a creature of recommendations by the constitutions of planning pre-independence committees to establish a leadership code to qualify obligations on leaders relating to their conduct in public and their personal life.

“The code of conduct is fortified under section 27 of the Constitution as responsibilities of the office. Section 27 imposes very high duties and responsibilities on leaders holding public office.

The prime purpose of the code of conduct is to ensure that private interest does not interfere with public obligations,” he said.

His Honour discussed the process of the Leadership Tribunal Hearings and how it is done.

A question-and-answer session was concluded successfully at the end of the webinar.

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