Madang Court Officers undergo Gender Equity and Social Inclusion Training

“Gender Equity and social inclusion in the justice system is one of the important factors in fairer justice system outcomes such as greater public trust in the justice system where the workforce embraces GESI principles and values (OSCE/ODIHR).” This was the key message by Ms. Debbie Laudiwana, PNGCJE Research and Publications Manager in her presentation to Madang National Court officers during the Gender Equity and Social Inclusion awareness program held on 28 June.

The awareness was coordinated by the PNGCJE Program Officer for the National Judicial Staff Services, Mr. Peter Michael. A total of eighteen officers, ranging from security staff to the Acting Assistant Registrar, Mr. Roy Bakarum, had participated in this lively and interactive workshop aimed at explaining the importance of Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in the workplace.

Key topics covered during the awareness program included factors that influence Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in the workplace, GESI key priority areas and mainstreaming GESI principles and values into the workplace.

From the sessions presented by the facilitator and feedback from the staff, it was noted that there was greater expectation on NJSS managers to take the lead in implementing GESI principles and values in the workplace to prevent discrimination, biasness, and other work-related issues.

“Managers must follow set organizational goals. They must be fair and just in their decisions, promote equal access to training opportunities and information for professional development,” said Madang Court Reporting Officer, Mr. Jeffrey Patal.

Acting Assistant Registrar for the Madang National Court added that even though it was a short awareness program, there were a lot of things that the officers learnt that they could instill in the work environment. “A lot of what we’ve learnt today, if put into practice can help create a chain reaction of improved behaviour and participation by all,” said Mr. Bakarum.

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