PNGCJE facilitates Customer Service training in Alotau

A total of twenty (20) participants recently participated in the first Customer Service training for this year in Alotau, Milne Bay Province on the 27 – 28 of February 2024

PNG Centre for Judicial Excellence (PNGCJE) Program officer for the National Judicial Staff Services (NJSS) Ms. Emmah John said participants comprised of staff from the National Court, the district court, a Judge’s support staff, Registry officers and security and grounds staff.

There were six topics that were discussed during the Customer Service training, and this included:

1. Customer service definition and tips regarding the Courts;

2. Ethics in service delivery (NJSS Admin Orders);

3. Dealing with unsatisfied clients;

4. Effective communication;

5. Telephone and email etiquette; and

6. Time management.

Ms. John said there was a total of 12 female and 8 male officers.

She said the training was aimed at upskilling court officers with basic yet effective customer service skills to ensure client needs are attended to and addressed in a timely manner.

“During the training participants were able to express the challenges they faced in their workplace regarding customer service.

Due to the short time factor of the training, the participants were so quiet, and we thought that we were going too fast.

Our fear was that they wouldn’t grasp the concept that we were teaching but their attentiveness to detail and participation in discussions and group activities proved otherwise.

They were a good group, and it was an honor having them for the two days training,” Ms. John said.

Ms. John concluded by saying, as an organization, it was important to restore and maintain public confidence and trust and that access to justice for all was seen and felt to be promoted at the courts.

The facilitators at the training also included Program officer, Judicial, Mr. Tongia Kekebogi and Program officer, Magisterial Services, Mr. Peter Michael.

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