PNGCJE welcomes new Deputy Executive Director.

The PNG Centre for Judicial Excellence (PNGCJE) is proud to announce the recent appointment of Mr. Nicholas Mirou, as the Deputy Executive Director (DED) for the Division effective February 26, 2024.

The recently appointed DED, Mr. Mirou hails from the Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea. He is married and has two children who have both graduated from the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and are pursuing their careers.

Mr. Mirou is a lawyer by profession and has over 30 years of experience, practicing law both in PNG and abroad in the Pacific Islands region, where he has spent time in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands in various capacity building roles.

Mr. Mirou started his career in 1986 at the National Court, working in the registry office and then as a Judge’s Associate to Sir Arnold Amet and late Sir Buri Kidu.

After completing studies at the Legal Training Institute, he joined the Public Prosecutors Office in 1988, where he worked as a prosecutor until 1993 where he joined the Auditor General’s Office (AGO) as an inhouse counsel and advisor to the Auditor General.

In 2003, Mr. Mirou was appointed Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Vanuatu, a position he held until 2005. In 2006, Mr. Mirou moved to the Solomon Islands to provide capacity building under RAMSI for the Solomon Islands Public Prosecutors Office.

He also appeared in the courts on the ethnic tension cases. Upon returning to PNG in 2008, Mr. Mirou joined the Commission of Inquiry into the Department of Finance as senior lawyer. In 2011, he was appointed as a Commissioner to the Commission of Inquiry to the Special Agriculture and Business Leases.

Mr. Mirou holds a law degree from the University of Papua New Guinea and a Masters in Commercial Law from the University of Melbourne, Australia. He also holds a Level 6 Graduate Certificate in Education (Academic Practice) attained from James Cook University, Australia, as well as various other professional qualifications.

Mr. Mirou previously worked at the UPNG School of Law as Deputy Dean (Academic) and as a senior lecturer coordinating and teaching Land Tenure Law, Land Administration and Policy (Customary Land), Legislative Drafting and Legal Aspects of International Finance and Investment Law and Major Research Paper.

He was also involved as chairman of the UPNG Disciplinary Committee, the Committee reviewing the university’s Assessment and Accreditation Policy and various other UPNG Committees. He worked for a total of nine (9) years as an academic and lawyer.

Mr. Mirou underwent advocacy and mentoring training during a three-month attachment to the Victorian Bar. This comprehensive training included participation in the PILON Advanced Advocacy Training, facilitated by the New Zealand Law Society. As a result, he gained valuable insights and honed his advocacy skills.

Notably, Mr. Mirou has actively contributed to the legal community as a facilitator in the PILON advocacy training program for Pacific Island Lawyers. His expertise has been shared in both Fiji and Vanuatu. Additionally, he has extended his services to the Legal Training Institute.

“The thrust on continuing legal education for lawyers both in the private and public sector in the delivery of competent professional service on behalf of clients and assisting the courts is of paramount importance.

The ongoing delivery of the legal training of lawyers in ethics, advocacy, (criminal and civil), drafting amongst a host of other programs will enhance service delivery for clients as well as assisting the judiciary to dispense justice proficiently,” he said.

Mr. Mirou was also a writer for the Grade 12 Legal Studies final examination through the University Outreach program to the Department of Education from 2016 to 2022.

“I have also participated in the University Academic Leadership program for a period of 6 months with 19 cohorts from other PNG Universities/DHERST between December 2022 and May 2023 – University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland,” he further mentioned.

During the interview, Mr. Mirou emphasized that the judiciary serves as the third arm of the government and plays a vital role in nation building and development. Recognizing this significance, the Papua New Guinea Centre for Judicial Excellence (PNGCJE) is placed in an important position to enable that through its programs for judges, magistrates, court officials, and in the provision of administrative and professional support to other agencies in the law and justice sector.

“We have the task of dispensing justice, and it is only right that the judiciary be equipped to do that through the judicial education programs of the PNGCJE.

With my experience, as Deputy Dean and Senior Lecturer at the UPNG, and a well-rounded knowledge of the issues, gaps and needs of the law and justice sector in PNG, I believe I can contribute to building a program that is fit for purpose, relevant and can be adaptive and agile in responding to changes and expectations of our stakeholders.

Mr. Mirou lives by his Christian faith, values and principles and this guides his professional and personal life.

The Deputy Executive Director concluded by saying he would also be looking for opportunities to improve the programs and introduce new ways of working.

“I believe I can complement the good work that Judge Administrator has already done in PNGCJE,” he mentioned.

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