Productivity Training for Court Staff

 PNGCJE Training Facility, Port Moresby 

22 – 23 November 2021

A two-day Productivity Training for staff of the National Judicial Staff Service was delivered by the PNG Centre for Judicial Excellence (PNGCJE) at the PNGCJE Training Facility in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea on 22 and 23 November 2021.  Fourteen Court staff based in Waigani attended the training.

The Executive Director PNGCJE, Dr John Carey, in his opening remarks told the participants that the purpose of the training was to enhance staff productivity and contribute more to the organization throughout their career.  He added that the objectives of the training were to set smart goals, use routine to maximize productivity, stay on top of to-do list and start new tasks and projects on the right way using basic project management techniques.  He said productivity is a measure of staff efficiency and effectiveness in doing something in a correct manner, or simply put, how quickly one can do something correctly.   

The topics covered during the productivity training included Customer Service, Setting Smart Goals, Scheduling yourself, Tackling Procrastination, Organizing and Planning, Improving Professionally and Words from the Wise.  The facilitators included Executive Director PNGCJE Dr John Carey, Deputy Executive Director Mr Sam Kaipu, Manager Research and Publications Ms Debbie Laudiwana and Program Officer for Judges and Magistrates Mr Tongia Kekebogi.   

The participants found the training extremely satisfying and indicated that the topics covered were very useful and in enabling them to be more productive and effective in caring out their duties.  It also gave them more confidence in performing their respective roles.

“The productivity training was a timely one given the fact that the year was ending, and we are going towards the new year 2022, which the training prepared us to plan, organise and think professionally towards building ourselves personally and publicly. Time management is paramount and the training on this topic was very helpful, together with Customer Service techniques which my officers required training on and I was very pleased to have that as a topic in the training last week.  All in all, the training is truly productive, and we are looking forward to being productive as per the training title. Very excellent and fully knowledge and skilled facilitators with great experience designed and delivered this training so we are very thankful to be part of the team in receiving this training”., said Ms Serah Paua, manager PNG Sentencing Database -Supreme and National Courts.


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