Seminar on Judges and the Media

Waigani based Judges of the Supreme and National Court of Papua New Guinea who participated in a seminar on judges and the media facilitated by renowned Australian radio broadcaster and lawyer Mr Jon Faine.

Standing (from left): PngCJE/Pic CJE Executive Director Mr John Carey, Justice Jim Wala Tamate, Justice Hitelai Polume-Kiele, Justice Jeffrey Shephard and Justice Nicholas Miviri.Seated (from left): Justice Teresa Berrigan, Justice Colin Makail, Mr Jon Faine, Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, Justice Danajo Koeget and Justice Royale Thompson

Hilton Hotel, Port Moresby – Friday 31 Jan 2020

“Access to Justice can be promoted effectively via positive media publicity says”, John Carey – Executive Director for the PNG/Pacific Islands Countries Centre for Judicial Excellence. A half-day seminar on Judges and the Media was held at the Hilton Hotel for Waigani based Judges of the National and Supreme Courts. It was coordinated by the PNG/Pacific Island Countries Centre for Judicial Excellence (PngCJE/PicCJE). It is the first judicial education program for the year 2020.

The media plays a very important part in the dissemination of information related to developments in the law and the administration of justice across the world. The half-day seminar engaged the Judges in interactive and informative sessions about latest developments in the mainstream media, social media and technology and how these developments could be used positively to improve the delivery of justice.

The Seminar on Judges and the Media was facilitated by Melbourne’s renowned former ABC Radio Broadcaster and lawyer Mr Jon Faine.  Mr Faine shared his many years of experience as a practicing lawyer and a Radio Broadcaster on some of the issues on “Judges and the media”.

The purpose of the seminar is to share experiences on issues relating to judges, the courts and the media as encountered in some parts of the world including Australia, PNG and the Pacific.

PNG’s Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, GCL, KBE, CSM, OBE gave the opening remarks stating that the media provides an important function by informing people in PNG and abroad about the activities of the courts.

“Our role as judges is to determine cases based on evidence presented by parties in person or through their lawyers.  We also make sure all parties and witnesses follow proper court room procedure and by doing so, we ensure that everyone who comes to court gets a fair trial”, said Sir Gibbs.

The program covers a range of topics including: Media and Impacts on the Courts, How Australian Courts, Judges and lawyers engage with Social Media, Criticism of Judges and Courts on Social Media, Issuing of Suppression Orders and Enforceability of orders against digital platform.

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